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Weill Cornell Healthcare Leadership Fellows Program Request for Nominations and Applications

Supported by the Michael Wolk Heart Foundation


We are calling applications for the eleventh year of the Healthcare Leadership Fellows program to identify Weill Cornell’s “leaders of tomorrow” and foster their development.

Sixty-eight Weill Cornell faculty members have been selected as Fellows during the first ten years of the program; many have assumed leadership roles within departments and on committees of Weill Cornell and NYP.

The program, supported by the Michael Wolk Heart Foundation, provides funds to support leadership training opportunities for Fellows. It also provides mentoring from the Fellowship Committee and others, small group meetings with nationally known leaders, and opportunities for discussion with current and past Fellows.

Fellows will become knowledgeable about health care policy, health care delivery and processes that can be used to improve care. They will develop abilities that make it possible for them to take active roles at the medical center in improving use of clinical information systems, optimizing patient access and patient safety, responding to new models of paying physicians and hospitals, and improving the quality of care for our patients.

The Medical College and the Physician Organization invite faculty members to apply for the eleventh year of the program by March 1st, 2022 by submitting applications to Reekarl Pierre (  


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