Faculty Appointments

Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) has established areas of excellence, academic pathways and a promotion review process in order to guide faculty appointments of their professoriate.

Each faculty appointment path is distinguished by specific qualifications, educational duties, research, clinical service (if applicable) and privileges. In general, it is expected that those recommended for WCM faculty appointment will hold a terminal-level degree in their field of scholarship, and will have demonstrated ability or potential in a combination of educational, investigative, clinical and/or academic administrative duties. 

Recommendations for appointment or promotion to the faculty generally originate within individual departments, and require the written approval of a department chair. In appropriate instances, recommendations may originate in a division, affiliate department, institute or center, and then be reviewed by a department chair or appropriate director for approval. WCM faculty appointments may also be non-professorial – including instructors and lecturers. 

Areas of Excellence

An area of excellence defines a faculty member’s major area of achievement, impact and scholarship. This area is the basis for candidate evaluation, but it is not a formal appointment track. An area of excellence represents the activities to which a faculty member devotes a substantial proportion of time and academic effort, and is chosen by a faculty member in consultation with their department chair at the time of appointment. As a faculty member’s career evolves, their area of excellence may also change, again with consultation and approval from a department chair.


The Weill Cornell Medicine faculty appointment and promotion system utilizes two types of academic career pathways. One is for faculty members whose primary activity is academic achievement and scholarship – individuals in this category hold unmodified titles (for example, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Professor of Pediatrics, etc.). The other is for faculty members whose primary activity is clinical, investigational or educational excellence.  For this pathway, scholarship, leadership and service to the institution are recognized, but are not necessarily the primary considerations for promotion.
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Review for Promotion

The decision regarding the timing and type of a faculty promotion will result from ongoing review of a faculty member’s goals, accomplishments and career trajectory, as well as discussions between a faculty member and their mentors, division chiefs, departmental review committee and department chair. Some faculty members have appointments with promotional review required on specific timelines, while others are reviewed for promotion when their activities and accomplishments are consistent with WCM criteria.
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