Review for Promotion

Promotion at Weill Cornell Medicine is based upon our standards of excellence in research, education, clinical care and administration. Promotion acknowledges faculty accomplishments, contributions to our mission, and the potential for continued academic growth. Review for promotion begins in a faculty member’s primary academic department and, depending on the rank, may require further review by the Dean, Executive and General Faculty Councils and/or Board of Fellows.

The criteria for demonstrating excellence for each faculty rank is described in detail in the Academic Staff Handbook and Guidebook: Criteria for Faculty Appointment and Promotion. All faculty members are assessed based upon their accomplishments, scholarship, teaching, reputation in their area of excellence, and supporting activities.

Promotion from instructor to assistant professor, and from lecturer to senior lecturer, will be reviewed at the departmental level and then recommended through the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) to the Dean for approval.

Promotion from assistant professor to associate professor, and from associate professor to professor, will be reviewed at the departmental level and through the OFA, as well as at the college level by the Committee of Review and Faculty Councils, before review and approval by the Dean. A recommendation for tenure also requires approval by the Board of Fellows. The process for promotion to the rank of associate professor or professor originates with a request from a department to the OFA to evaluate a candidate for promotion. Below is an outline of the process, which can take anywhere from 7-12 months from the time the request is received by the OFA. Candidates should confer with their department's Chief Administrative Officer or Appointment Administrator should they have questions and/or concerns regarding the process.

Promotion Process Timeline

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