Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence is an approved period of absence from normal academic duties. Weill Cornell Medical College allows its academic staff members to take the following types of leave:

  • personal or professional leave of absence
  • sabbatical leave of absence
  • disability and/or family and medical leave of absence 

Based upon the reason for a leave request, the availability of leave may be discretionary on the part of the department. Discretionary leaves of absence are generally taken for reasons based upon the academic staff member's professional or personal needs and opportunities, such as fellowships, government service and sabbaticals. The needs of the medical college's academic programs take precedence over the individual’s when leaves are discretionary.

Non-discretionary leaves are required by either law or WCM policy and, in general, concern military service, an employee’s own illness or injury, an ill or injured family member, or the arrival of a newly born or adopted child.

Depending upon the nature of the leave of absence, an academic staff member may or may not continue to be paid a full or reduced salary. The funds released by a leave of absence without salary revert to the dean of the medical college, and may be used to cover the costs of replacing the faculty member on leave.

Leaves of absence for academic staff members on the professional staffs of affiliated institutions may be taken with or without salary, in compliance with the policies and procedures of the affiliated institution. 

For Weill Cornell’s complete leave of absence policy, please refer to the Academic Staff Handbook: Leaves and Termination of Appointment


Short-Term and Long-Term Disability


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