Preparing for Promotion

Criteria for Faculty Appointment & Promotion

Preparing for Promotion

The Weill Cornell Medical College faculty promotion system utilizes two major pathways:

The first pathway is for faculty members with primary promotion criteria of academic achievement and scholarship. Individuals in this scholarship-based category hold unmodified titles.

The second pathway is for faculty members with primary promotion criteria of clinical, investigational or educational excellence.  Scholarship and administrative expertise are recognized, but are not the primary considerations for promotion within this pathway.  Individuals in this non-scholarship based category will hold modified titles.

The decision regarding the most relevant pathway is a joint decision reached between a faculty member and departmental chair. Pathways are noted in initial offer letters, and are then reviewed yearly during annual faculty reviews.

The fundamental concepts of the promotion criteria include:

  1. demonstration of excellence in a major area of academic activity through objective achievements
  2. scholarship and teaching activity at all ranks, excluding promotion to assistant professorship
  3. evidence of the breadth of a candidate’s reputation and achievement – appointment to associate professorship requires a strong regional reputation, and appointment to professorship requires a sustained national, and in many cases, international, reputation.

A key aspect of the promotion process is the incorporation of objective criteria for recognition of excellence across all areas and valuation of new investigation models, advances in clinical care, and innovations in education and administration.

Step 1: Identify an Area of Excellence

  • Clinical Innovation & Expertise
  • Investigation
  • Educational Leadership

Step 2: Evaluate Teaching Activities

Step 3: Provide Additional Supporting Activities

  • Education of Patients & Community
  • Clinical Expertise
  • Investigation
  • Administration or Institutional Service

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