Promotion and Appointment of WCM Faculty--March 2024

The Office of Faculty Affairs is proud to announce our awards of Promotion and New Appointments of Weill Cornell Medicine faculty for March 2024.


Associate Professor

georgeGeorge Khelashvili, Ph.D.--Associate Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
babaksBabak Sadoughi, M.D.--Associate Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology

Assistant Professor

salinasThalia Salinas, M.D.--Assistant Professor of Medicine 

New Appointment

Assistant Professor

noimageBashir Al Awamlh, M.D.--Assistant Professor of Urology
noimageJamieson Greenwald, M.D.--Assistant Professor of Obstetric Gynecology in Clinical Radiology
noimageQian Ma, B.M., Ph.D.--Assistant Professor of Cell Biology Research in Pediatrics


noimageSadaf Amin, Ph.D.--Instructor in Neuroscience
noimageJorge Baquero, Ph.D.--Instructor in Pharmacology
noimageFeng Chen, Ph.D.--Instructor of Materials Physics in Radiology
noimageFNU Kiran, Ph.D.--Instructor in Pharmacology
noimageJohn Maher, M.D.--Instructor in Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
noimageBrice Martin, Ph.D.--Instructor of Pharmacology in Neurological Surgery
noimageRong Shen, Ph.D.--Instructor in Neuroscience
noimageZurong Wan, Ph.D.--Instructor of Immunology in Pediatrics

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