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This program offers 20 junior faculty members annually the opportunity to provide intensive mentorship and shepherd faculty through writing a grant, breaking down the process into all major components for each individual to achieve funded research.

The Physician Organization is excited to share two new tools designed to enhance the onboarding process:

    1. An orientation slide deck summarizing the history and missions of Weill Cornell Medicine, plus basic startup information, definitions, and tips to acquaint new members with the organization.
    2. video series introducing the Weill Cornell Medicine Physician Organization, its leadership, core functions, and recent clinical care initiatives.

    Feel free to reach out to Andrew Feigelman at

    The Harvard Macy Institute is a national organization that offers five professional development courses each year in Boston. The Harvard Macy Community Blog was created by a global community of graduates, medical educators and leaders dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery and education, and includes discussions about key medical education topics.

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