National Opportunities & Awards

National Awards

The Pride in the Profession Award honors physicians whose lives encompass the true spirit of being a medical professional: caring for people. By practicing medicine in areas of challenge or crisis, or by devoting their time to volunteerism or public service, these physicians serve as the voice of patients in the United States who otherwise might not be heard.

Named after the founder of the AMA, the Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine recognizes physicians whose influence reach the international patient population and change the future of their medical care. By treating, educating and counseling patients beyond the U.S. border, these physicians' work positively impacts healthcare in the global arena.

The Dr. Debasish Mridha Spirit of Medicine Award recognizes the work of a U.S. physician who has demonstrated altruism, compassion, integrity, leadership and personal sacrifice while providing quality healthcare for a destitute, distressed or marginalized population in an impoverished community.

The Jack B. McConnell, M.D., Award for Excellence in Volunteerism recognizes the work of senior physicians who provide treatment for U.S. patients who lack access to healthcare. After a full career of practice, these physicians remain dedicated to the future of medicine through the spirit of volunteerism.

This award is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to promoting justice in medical education and healthcare equity in the U.S.

This award recognizes an outstanding junior faculty member committed to a career in academic medicine who has demonstrated leadership addressing medical education and healthcare inequities in the United States as well as educational and societal healthcare needs within racial and ethnic minorities.

The Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Service is presented annually to a member institution or organization with a long-standing, major institutional commitment to addressing community needs. The award recognizes exceptional programs that go well beyond the traditional role of academic medicine and reach communities whose needs are not being met through the traditional health delivery system.

The John P. McGovern Compleat Physician Award, established in 1993, is presented annually by the Houston Academy of Medicine in collaboration with the Harris County Medical Society, to recognize a physician whose career has been founded on the Oslerian ideals of medical excellence, humane and ethical care, commitment to medical humanities and writing, research, and harmony between academicians and medical practitioners. These characteristics were exemplified by the life of Sir William Osler, who is revered worldwide as the "Father of Modern American Medicine".

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award recognizes a medical school faculty physician who exemplifies the qualities of a caring and compassionate mentor who teaches and advises medical students.

These awards identify and honor practicing physicians who best demonstrate the ideals of compassionate and respectful care for a patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

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